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When Prefab Machines Attack! The Rise of Concrete Misfits

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Boy, "prefab" must be the word of the day today: not only does it apply to the boxy, pristine modern we just featured, it also applies to the grosstastic concrete blobs in the photo above—and no, not the concrete blob that is Sarah Palin's patio. In other words: this is what happens when something goes terribly, terribly wrong in the prefab housing plant, as originally reported in Swiss magazine Hochparterre:

"Based on iconic housing shapes, these buildings were intended as prototypes for mass-customization. Yet, as things go with computerized manufacturing, there have been misplots. The cartridge was not loaded properly. The concrete was set to the wrong parameters or scale. The printer module falsely translated a data set... These misprints are the rejects of this early process, and they are now being used as shared homes by elderly people from the former squatter scene." There go our dreams of buying a prefab house and plopping it down somewhere in the English countryside.

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