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Dynasty's Golden Girl Salvages Goodie Rap With Floral Wallpaper

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Remember that epic catfight (torn mannequin legs, garment racks toppled over, fistfuls of confetti) between Linda Evans's Chrystle and Joan Collins's Alexis on the legendary Aaron Spelling '80s soap Dynasty? (No? Doesn't ring a bell? We've published the video after the jump as a refresher.) Anyway, it seems like Evans has embraced her much softer Laura Ashley alter-ego, at least from the looks of the Beverly Hills manse she's listing for $3.295M. Our cousins at Curbed LA describe the decor scheme as "Eighties Good Girl," with painted woodwork, barn-door kitchen cabinetry, and fluttery ginghams and florals. It's almost country enough to make all that hair-pulling a timeworn memory, but, well, not quite. For nostalgia's sake, relive the magic by watching the mother of all primetime girlie scuffles after the jump.

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