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Sin Number Five: Errant Clutter

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While it's true that great design will neither save a life nor cause lions and lambs to cuddle, a shoddily decorated home elicits bi-partisan calls for immediate and definitive action. Which is why we've asked James Swan, Beverly Hills decorator and author of the "101 Things I Hate About Your House" Facebook page—and, soon, book—to produce a weekly Curbed National series entitled The Seven Deadly Sins of Decorating.

Like pestilence and plague, the fifth of The Seven Deadly Sins of Decorating, The Sin of Errant Clutter, is an equal-opportunity monster, wreaking havoc on the high and mighty and the down and out. The address or net worth matters not to this spoiler of all things decorous. Gaze lovingly at your freshly fluffed room for living; ponder studiously your dazzling table laid for dining, float mellifluously into your chamber for sleep; content as a clam in clear broth that your decorating duties are complete. Turn your back for a nanosecond and the insidious tentacles of clutter will ooze its way into these prized spaces, its deathly shadow cast long across your labors of love. The photogallery above shall reveal all.

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