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You Decide: Is Twice-Published Space Lovely, Whack, or Neither?

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Today's New York Social Dairy House column explores the 19th-century NYC apartment of interior designer Darren Henault. But wait! Doesn't this look familiar? Indeed, it's the very same space that scored the cover of New York's "Family Style" Home Design issue, which shattered all notions of the nuclear family when it published in mid-October. How could anyone forget Lulu and Bunny, those adorable blonde two-year-old twins of Henault and partner Michael Bassett? Combining two sets of wildly different photographs—above, NYMag's, taken by Jason Schmidt, are represented in the lefthand column and NYSD's, taken by Jeff Hirsch, are on the right—paints a pretty complete picture of the space. What do you think, dear readers? Do tell us:

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