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All Heed the $140M House With a Built-In Rousseau Fresco

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This private palace may lag at the heels of the $150M Spelling Mansion, in L.A., but we'll take Paris's posh Avenue Foch any day; the city's widest street, bathed in chestnut trees, runs from the Arc de Triomphe to a lovely public park. Neighbors bearing names such as Onassis and Rothschild up the ante further, not to mention the overwhelming interior stats of this 1912 beaut: wood paneling, marble fireplaces and floors, Corinthian columns, crystal chandeliers, and gilded moldings. Of course, all of this takes a backseat to the estate's real piece de resistance; that is, a dining room ceiling painted by Impressionist master Henri Rousseau. And hey, if caring for the 28,000 square feet gets to be too much, there's always the four staff quarters just begging to be used. Ogle at the full photogallery after the jump.

· Private Pad in Paris Listed for Sale at $140 Million [Luxist]