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FarmVille Players Grapple With What to do With Halloween Decor

If you have opened Facebook within the last year or so, you likely fall into one of the following categories: one of the 62 million-and-counting avid users of the application FarmVille, or one of the people that has banished all signs of FarmVille from their home-screen newsfeed. The real-time simulation game allows users to create virtual farms, complete with simulated crops, livestock, and plantings. Sure, it's an alternate reality. But now it seems FarmVille devotees are grappling with issues we all grapple with in the real world; specifically, the task of figuring out what to do with Halloween decorations: "Do I store my Halloween items? Sell them? Or let them hang around a little longer?"
· Lunchtime poll: Halloween decor—save it or sell it? [