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Loft Building With Even Loftier Beginnings

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Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day? Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We'd love to see what you've got.

Location: Chicago, Ill.
Price: $749,000
The Skinny: Perfect for a new owner with a god-complex, this converted church boasts 39-foot ceilings, pine flooring, a dining nook on the altar, and a gaping central nave. Furnishing that cavern in any meaningful, never mind cost-efficient, way might be quite the challenge, but there's plenty of space—and city approval—to divvy it up into multiple units. With any luck this glorious temple will avoid the checkered fate of NYC's The Limelight, a converted church-turned-nightclub that played host to Andy Warhol, then obscene drug consumption, and finally the murder of a drug dealer by a club promoter. Yikes! After the closing of the club, and a period of vacancy, Limelight came back as a "marketplace": an awkward collection of tiny, overpriced retail spaces. Something satanic might be responsible for all these happenings—Limelight's address is 666 Sixth Avenue—so we're praying that its Chicago cousin comes to a holier final resting place.
· 2558 W Cortez Street [@Properties]
· Party Monster Michael Alig Thinks the Limelight Is Cursed [Racked NY]