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Fearless Thanksgiving Decor Challenges Sandra Lee to Up Her Game

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Ah, Thanksgiving. What better way to toast it—and all things we're thankful for, of course—then by celebrating the holiday's tendency to enable—promote, encourage, promulgate—rampant overdecorating? Think: enormous fall gourds, towering centerpieces, autumn-hued upholstery, spray-painted you-name-it. The shots above, culled from the deepest, darkest reaches of the Internet, may run a close second to Food Network star Sandra Lee's festively adorned Thanksgiving "tree" and signature tablescape. However, with an array of portly pumpkins, makeshift Mayflowers, and one extra-special popcorn-stuffed paper-bag bird, these photos come pretty damn close. Besides, we are nothing if not thankful for Sandra Lee. Have a look.

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