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Please Welcome 13-Year-Old Real Estate Blogger to the Dancefloor

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You may already be aware of the 14-year-old blogging sensation Tavi Gevinson, covered in all her pixie-cut glory on our fashion-obsessed sister sites Racked NY and Racked National. But now, ladies and gentleman, please cast your gaze on Cole Perkins, a 13-year-old cyberschooled youngster near Hershey, Penn. He's got a blog. And it's "dedicated to sharing with you some of the World’s finest estates." And it's quite good.

Lavish Property is the name of Perkins's blog, and it features high-priced real estate listings throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, and England. Recent posts have ranged from a Queen Anne-style estate in Massachusetts—"I am upset that there’s no pool on the 1.71 acre lot, though, because for $7.2 million, I kind of expected one"—to a Mediterranean in Miami Beach—"I find the $14.9 million price tag to be a bit steep, though, even though it is a very well done, tasteful home, and in one of Miami’s toniest areas." Other smart and delightfully opinionated insight: "I’m in love with the contemporary design of the interior, it reminds me of a hip, NYC nightclub. Equally as superb, the backyard is a great place to host weekly pool parties and picnics"—about a Deco estate in Paradize Valley, Ariz.—and "I have always fantasized about living in a stately, brick manor, such as this"—about a home in Bethesda, Md. "Yes, I know it is somewhat of an odd hobby for someone in my age group, but it's my passion," Perkins tells Curbed National. What can we say? The kid's got swagger.

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