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This Old House Missed First Thanksgiving By 275 Years, Ready Now

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Location: Plymouth, Mass.
Price: $569,000
The Skinny: What better place to celebrate Thanksgiving than the birthplace of the holiday: Plymouth, Mass.? This Colonial occupies some of the earliest Colonial real estate in the nation, and the monument to the Pilgrims stands just 500 feet away. Unfortunately for purists, the house, built in 1896, won't satisfy that ultimate desire for authenticity, but its not like the rickety originals are still standing, anyway. Also, let's be honest, no dedicated turkey-bakin' chef would trade in the giant commercial range in this kitchen for an open flame. Plus—and maybe we've been a little too caught up in autumnal colors lately—these interiors look custom designed for Turkey Day: yellows, browns, reds, and greens. Just check out that bedroom!
· 66 Allerton Street [Sotheby's]