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Crazy Broken Surfboard Art in Ian Schrager's New Marriott Hotel

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Hospitality firm Yabu Pushelberg has designed the first of the Marriott's new line of boutique hotels with developer Ian Schrager, Hawaii's Waikiki Editions boutique hotel. There, a giant wall-mounted piece of surfboard art—made from 100 fragmented surfboards—will greet guests, reports Co.Design today. Additional interiors intel: a nightclub will be wallpapered in silver to pay tribute to Andy Warhol, a lobby bookcase will swivel and become a bar by night, and, contrary to the designers' wishes for wood-plank flooring, there will be carpets. Carpets! What! In Hawaii? So not beachy. Anyway, Schrager will roll out additional Editions in Istanbul, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Bangkok over the next few years. Each will be under the domain of a different designer; modern design maven Patricia Urquiola's doing the one in Barcelona.

· Ian Schrager Teams Up With Marriott, in a New Waikiki Resort [Co.Design]