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Buttoned-Up English Tudor That Rand Paul Should Call Home

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So Kentucky Republican Rand Paul is headed to Washington, and while he has followed lock step in father Ron's footsteps—'til now, of course—his new obsession with fine American tea has him finally breaking out on his own. What better place to indulge his passion—and an army of willing followers—than this 1930s English Tudor-style mansion in DC's posh neighborhood of Wesley Heights? While the neighbors might skew a bit too far to the left for his taste (apparently, Virginia and its environs are for lovers of small government), Rand could house a cadre of like-minded politicos in this nine-bedroom, 10-bath spread. P.R.-wise, things don't always turn out so well for cohabiting conservatives, but with an asking price of almost $9M, Paul's going to need to split the cost with somebody. Still, this poster child for college dropouts could leverage some strong family connections to make this pleasure palace his haunt near Capitol Hill.

Among the home's many all-American virtues: a screening/game room, swimming pool, a pair of master bathrooms each with a large dressing room, and sheer, unadulterated, brute size: 12,500 square feet, to be exact. Paul will have some big shoes to fill if he ends up picking this place; the sellers donated no less than $25M to the Children's National Medical Center. Then again, the son of a Congressman who one-upped his dad with a Senate nod might know a thing or two about filling shoes.
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