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Really Bad Idea: First Date in a High-End Furniture Store

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On last night's The Millionaire Matchmaker, the NYC store of high-end furniture brand ddc became the setting of what may have been the world's most awkward first date. "It is a little strange to be on a date with someone who's like, 'Oh, I'm gonna buy that,' when I'm like, 'Would i spent thousands of dollars on a chandelier?' Probably not," laments a sad-faced Christos (in white) as he's dragged around the land of $20,000 sofas by David, who casually says he shops there all the time. Thus proving true one of Patti Stanger's, aka Mama Matchmaker's, maxims: stick to neutral topics—furniture, too, can be divisive. Have a look at the freeze-frames above.
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