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Live Like Ol' Blue Eyes For a Night in the Desert

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As architect E. Stewart Williams tells it, Frank Sinatra walked through the door of his office in 1947 "wearing a sailor's cap and licking an ice cream," and stated simply: "I wanna house." Well, surprise, surprise: The Voice got what he wanted in this case a four-bedroom modernist hideaway with plenty of glass and a piano-shaped swimming pool. Over the next decade, the house saw a string of celeb-heavy parties, many of which were shamelessly announced with the use of a Jack Daniels flag. Now vacationers will have the chance to host their own soirees at the estate, which rents for $2,600 a night. Additional backstory: it hasn't always been parties and sunny times here; the house fell into disrepair after Sinatra's tenure. Amazingly, a buyer purchased the crumbling house in 1997, without realizing it was former home to The Chairman of the Board, paying just $138K! After discovering the provenance, he restored the home and turned a tidy profit. The house sold earlier this year for more than $3M.
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