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Former AD100 Designer's Capital City Carriage House

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Location: Washington, D.C.
Price: $3,495,000
The Skinny: Last night's election results might have shaken up the House of Representatives, but couldn't do anything to change this other Washington house. District-based designer Anthony Browne once occupied a much-coveted spot on the AD100, Architectural Digest's hand-selected list of top interior designers and architects. Well, no longer, and from the looks of Browne's home, which is currently for sale, it's easy to see why. The 1892 carriage house sits on a quiet private lane north of Dupont Circle (one block east of the Real World: DC set), offering a dignified ivy facade from the approach. Inside, where the innocuous neutral-toned living room leaves off, the mirrored conservatory/dining room and marble-icious master bath pick up. Another of Browne's fascinating decisions: tucking a wine cellar into the corner of the sprawling garage, which means, of course, that the cellar's glass walls provide unobstructed views of—wait for it—the garage. The question remains: is the $3.5M worth the modicum of potential this place might have? Perhaps the buyer who does eventually spruce the place up deserves that empty spot on the Arch Digest list.
· 1735 Fraser Court NW [Sotheby's]
· Ad Detail: Single Family, Washington, DC [WSJ]