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Badass References to "Steel" in the Dec./Jan. Issue of Dwell

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Don't expect the December issue of Dwell to follow the mamby-pamby holiday-decorating editorial trend. No DIY wreaths on the cover; barely a reference to the season inside. While Martha's into milk-glass ornaments, House Beautiful's into "The New Pretty," and Elle Decor's into "getting cozy," Dwell's into steel. Lots of it: steel siding, steel framing, steel objects, steel, steel, steel. Because we're forever fascinated by what our tree-hugging, modular-housing-obsessed San Franciscan cousins are doing, we scoured the issue and present all the steely references here: (PS: If we missed one, do let us know in the comments. And you're hired.)

· Pg. 29: "When waters are calm, Looptecture F, a Cro-Ten-steel-sided landmark designed by Endo Shuhei, regulates the floodgates at Japan's Port of Fukura."
· Pg. 30: "Ovale is a collection of 23 stoneware and stainless-steel serving vessels that will showcase your very good taste.

· Pg. 30: "The busted plastic laundry basket has been given a sleek new identity as a powder-coated steel bin."
· Pg. 36: "This steel-topped, wooden-legged side table seeks to tidy up our cables, offering a specially designed slot on top for all our digital accoutrements."
· Pg. 44: "'We constructed a tremendous number of sets with materials like stone, concrete, glass, and steel.'"
· Pg. 58: "The exterior of the house (top left) consists of sandblasted masonry and Ferrari shade sails stretched on a steel frame."
· Pg. 81: "The salvaged 1950s-era kitchen cabinets by Republic Steel, covered with a new Formica countertop (above), represent both a significant cost savings and Carpenter's commitment to sustainability.
· Pg. 104: "The next year they unveiled their first eight products at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, including the Lockwood chair, a shaped walnut or maple seat on a formed steel frame."

· Dwell [official site]