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Honest Abe's Christmas Present Ages Gracefully

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Location: Savannah, Ga.
Price: $2,750,000
The Skinny: During the Civil War, many Southern cities were destroyed by the marauding Union Army, including Savannah's neighbor to the north, Atlanta. Two months after his decimation of that city, General William Tecumseh Sherman marched on Savannah, and likely would have leveled the city had he not offered it up to President Lincoln as a Christmas present. Thanks to Sherman's generosity, the city has retained much of its antebellum architecture, including this quintessential 1848 example.

Today, the five-bed, six-bath Federal retains much classic detail, including 10 finely carved mantels, hardwood floors, moldings, and pocket doors, combined with modern upgrades in the kitchens (that's right, there's two of 'em). The result is—and we're surprised to say this—a pretty good value. $2.75M buys a lot of history in Savannah, and there's General Sherman to thank for that.
· 20 W. Jones Street [Sotheby's]
· Savannah Ours - On This Day [NYT]