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A Brief History of Charlie Sheen's Homes and Sheenanigans

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Charlie Sheen went from Platoon and Wall Street to Scary Movie 4 before becoming the highest-paid man on television. His roller coaster of professional success hasn't been mirrored in his personal life, unless that coaster is the new Endless Downward Spiral of Drug Addiction and Infidelity ride at Six Flags, of course. As we all know, he stepped on that amusement ride again this month, with a classic Sheen coke-fueled flip out at NYC's Plaza Hotel, complete with porn star escort! Happy to have the old, riotous Charlie back, we decided to round up some of the houses that witnessed his earlier downfalls. What's that they say about the story of one's life being written in the walls of one's home? Exactly.

At 21, Sheen was riding high off the success of Platoon when he let People magazine snap the photo above, which was printed under the title "Good-time Charlie Sheen Puts the Pow in Platoon." The least shocking segment of the 1987 interview, in hindsight of course:

After fathering a child with a girlfriend, Sheen went on a decade-long bender that included shooting then-fiance Kelly Preston in the arm, shooting himself in the arm (with cocaine), and several high-profile dalliances with porn stars and hookers. Like many wayward celebs, he was shipped off to rehab and came out looking like he had it together. In 2002, at the height of his personal stability, Sheen wed bombshell Denise Richards at this palatial Brentwood spread (above). Stretching over three acres of prime real estate, the eight-bedroom house fetched more than $15M in 2009.

In 2005, Sheen got back to his old tricks—like making cocaine disappear—and his marriage to Richards quickly dissolved. Seeking to escape the bad ju-ju, the actor put his 1927 Los Feliz home (above) on the market, which has endured some vicious price-chops and hopeful price-ups, but remains on the market to this day at $4.1M. Sheen then decamped to gated Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills. Two years of bachelorhood led to another marriage, this time to random hot-chick Brooke Muller.

Mueller moved in, and things seemed to be going well enough that Christmas cheer was warranted. TMZ shutterbugs got behind the gates at Mulholland Estates to capture the extravagant lighting display at the Sheen estate (above). But—who would've thought—by Christmas '09, ol' Charlie boy was in an Aspen, Colo. slammer for threatening Mueller. After his latest New York incident, exit visas are imminent and he will soon be on the prowl again—as if he wasn't already. Will that mean an end to ho, ho, ho at the Sheen household? We think not.
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