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The Great Design-Blog Design Heist of 2010

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Uh-oh. It seems graphics from the always-beauteous design blog Design Sponge have been hijacked by Leila Lindholm, a Swedish TV chef/personality and publisher of Leila's Country Living, a Swedish mag about food, interiors, and gardening. Lindholm has incorporated certain elements that really do scream "Design Sponge" into her food/cooking blog; noticeably, the "burlap"-esque background, the light-green sidebar, and the lace trim. Design Sponge founder Grace Bonney has taken to the Twitter, suggesting that Lindholm change her evil ways lest copyright infringement comes into play. One things's for sure: it's in Lindholm's best interest to not be in the bad graces of the growing stable of bloggers rallying behind Bonney. Thoughts on the debacle? Leave 'em in the comments.
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