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Gehry Tours His Own Schnabel House; Marvels at Tech Updates

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This weekend, the Los Angeles Times visits the Brentwood, Calif., home of Broadway producer Jon Platt, best known for Angels in America and God of Carnage. In 2006, Platt purchased architect Frank Gehry's 5,700-square-foot Schnabel House, a stucco-and-glass geometry lesson that the architect completed in 1989. In the years since, Platt has embarked on a series of mad-scientist updates: paper-thin window shades from Taiwan unfurl with the touch of an iPad; a temperature sensor signals a skylight to open when the room climbs above 75 degrees. Throughout the process, though, he was obsessive about maintaining Gehry's clean lines—there was to be nary an electrical wire in plain view—and about keeping the spare material palette undisturbed. Above, Platt (left) takes it all in with Gehry himself, who once said—thankfully—"To get locked into a straitjacket of design seems to me counterproductive to one's life." Glimpse additional photos of the tour after the jump.