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Barack Obama Returns to Indonesia; This Might Be His Old House

At the moment, President Barack Obama is touring Indonesia, talking about America's relations with the Muslim world and visiting the schools he attended during the four years he spent in Jakarta, the capital city, as a child. According to the New York Times, "the two houses where [Obama] spent part of his boyhood stand pretty much the way they did when he went back to Hawaii four decades ago;" the first was a one-story structure in Menteng-Dalam, a Dutch-era neighborhood typified by red-tiled roofs, reports The Huffington Post. This district, with dirt roads at the time, received electricity only shortly before young Obama moved in with his mom and stepdad in 1967. Perhaps because this trip, likely to be cut short by recent eruptions of Mount Merap, won't afford the President time to visit either of his childhood homes, neither news outlet published photos of them. But we stumbled across totally random website with a photo of what's purported to be Obama's old house in Menteng-Dalam. Red-tiled roofs? Check. A single story? Check. Additional intel? Send it to the tip line.

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