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Liz Claiborne's Caribbean Hideaway Pushes Price Envelope

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At the top end of the market, practicality and value aren't exactly the highest priorities. Our October roundup of the country's priciest one-bedroom apartments left some jaws slack, topping out around $7M. This villa on the jet-set Caribbean island of St. Barts puts them all to shame, asking a whopping $16.7M for—that's right—just one bedroom. There's a caretaker cottage and gatehouse with an additional pair of bedrooms, but your friends shack up in the maid's quarters while you revel in spectacular space and views? Not cool, man. In '09, the island set a sale record for Caribbean residential real estate—Russian billionaire baller Roman Abramovich dropped $90M on a 70-acre private resort—but at just 1.35 acres there's no bulk discount here. There is a bit of associated star-power enticement, however: the hillside home was built for apparel baron Liz Claiborne. An impressive getaway for two, but worth $8M per person?
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