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Thom Filicia Tires of His 'Hood, Abandons These Interiors

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Photos by William Waldron

Interior designer, TV personality and veteran "Queer Eye" Thom Filicia has just sold his apartment in NYC's SoHo neighborhood to his neighbor for $1.7M, reports the Wall Street Journal this morning. For nostalgia's sake, we pulled the interior shots of the 14th-floor digs (above), which ran in a March 2007 Elle Decor feature along with the following text: "Here, the boxy modernism has become a bit of rus in urbe, roughened up with earthy textures and anchored with history." "Rus in urbe" a hard descript. to top, no doubt, but Filicia purchased the space some five years ago for $1.2M—perhaps he'll take that cold, hard $500K and use it to transform his new home.

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