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Tyco Crook's Revamped Palace On Auction Block Today

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Location: North Hampton, N.H.
Price: $TBD (EDIT: Sold for $4,135,000)
The Skinny: Dennis Kozlowski, the jailed ex-CEO of Tyco, famously paid upwards of $15K for an umbrella stand and blew $2M on a birthday party. Looks like Kozlowski's former 10,000-square-foot manse in North Hampton, N.H., skipped the market and headed straight to the auction block: the current owners are offering up the estate to the highest bidder starting at 2 p.m. today. The 15-acre property includes five bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a master suite with "morning kitchen," indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court, a geothermal heating and cooling system, nine fireplaces, a home theater with concession stand, a fitness center, and mahogany floors and doors throughout. Phew! This temple to maximalism might scream "Kozlowski" had the current owners not spent six years customizing the property themselves. Tearing out one brand of excess for another might not win any praise in this economic climate, but it could land a couple million dollars this afternoon.
· North Hampton, NH [Grand Estates Auction Company]