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Massive Mass. Manse Makes Thirteen Acres Look Cramped

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Location: Weston, Mass.
Price: $21,750,000
The Skinny: Weston is a poster child for the American suburb. The Boston area's wealthiest bedroom community, Weston enjoys the best public school system in Massachusetts and the lowest crime rate among Boston suburbs. Ah, yuppie paradise! For the ultimate in Weston living, this cavernous Arts & Crafts mansion on 13.5 acres truly fits the bill. Offering six bedrooms, seven full baths, and six half baths, the sheer size of this home is almost institutional. No fewer than 33,000 square feet sit under its massive slate roof, and most attempts at creating a cozy family living space would meet with stiff opposition from voluminous spaces like the three-story "gallery." Better bring a couple mil for furnishings.
· 5 Willow Road [Sotheby's]