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It's For the Kids: A Ginormous Gingerbread House, That is

When the New York Observer's Leon Neyfakh toured AOL's NYC offices on Nov. 22, he made note of the "oversize blocks emblazoned with pictures of imaginary creatures are stacked on top of each other in one hallway, and an aromatic gingerbread house that could house a Saint Bernard stands in the middle of another." Turns out said lifesize gingerbread house was a project masterminded by the editors of AOL's design blog, Shelterpop, as a bevy of their colleagues from the network's other sites: SlashFood, DIY Life, KitchenDaily, HoliDash, MyDaily, and AOL Latino. Design bloggers wouldn't be design bloggers without applying thoughtful interiors principles to everything, of course, so here the team embraced the concepts of symmetry and repurposing in their decorating tactics. The six-foot-tall confection will be shipped off to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., where it'll ho, ho, hopefully bring some holiday cheer to kids who need it most. File under: genius. (View a video of the gingerbread-house-making undertaking here.)
· AOL Makes a Gingerbread House for St. Jude [Shelterpop]