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MTV Cribs Turns 10; Here are the 5 Best and Brightest Episodes

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MTV Cribs, the celebrity home-snooping show, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, with 105 episodes on the books so far (plus that Richie Rich spin-off, Teen Cribs). We decided to count down the five tastiest—and mostly tasteless—episodes of this aughts classic. And now...

#5: Aaron Carter in the Florida Keys (above)
First, let's just try and get past the fact that 1997's Justin Bieber can be seen here, at 15, wearing a Tupac t-shirt. Fine, fine, we all made mistakes in our youth. Since then, we're pretty certain the Carter compound hasn't seen many changes, given the downward spiral of this pop star's stunted career. Which is too bad, because that off-white-on-white Floridian decor is just as stuck in the '90s. Quite the period piece.

#4: Two Rich Kids in Pleasanton, Calif. (below)
This Teen Cribs episode is a bit of a joke. If the house looks staged for sale, there's good reason. Turns out Pat and Chris are the sons of Patrick Neal, the developer who built this and several other area mega-mansions. And hey, only one of 'em was even a teen.

#3: Naomi Campbell in Jamaica (below)
Supermodel Naomi Campbell has plenty of reason to get away, most of all her questionable association with notorious Liberian war criminal Charles Taylor. 2010 saw the leggy supermodel on the stand at a war crimes tribunal, and she was subsequently pilloried in the press for complaining that serving as a witness was a "big inconvenience." Okay, so she's no PR goddess, but she's certainly good a picking a secluded hideaway.

#2: Sir Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands (below)
This overly-vigorous graying Brit sure loves to party, at least if the 74-acre Necker Island is any indication. And guess what, it's available for nightly rent. Just be prepared to fork over $53K per night for the privilege.

#1: Redman in Staten Island (below)
Just watch. At least someone recognized the potential for parody.

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