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Lonny's Holiday Issue Goes Where No Digital Pub Has Gone Before

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All right everyone, looks like original online magazine Lonny has whipped out the big guns to produce its Holiday Mini Issue, which just published yesterday. We chuckled at the "mini" moniker, of course—189 pages, after all!—but not having to pay a printing press is ostensibly a numero uno perk of digital media. Here's what was most flooring to us, all of Lonny co-founder Patrick Cline's lovely photography aside: the "A" word. Access.

The high points of the issue include a Q&A with decorator Miles Redd, whose press hits resemble the rack of shelter titles in your average Barnes & Noble—multiple issues of Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and and the now-defunct House & Garden (top left)—as well as a spread on the Bergdorf Goodman's window decorator—the method and madness that goes into dressing what are arguably NYC's most celebrated holiday windows (bottom right). The real piece de resistance, though, is 22-page feature on the apartment of Albert Hadley (bottom left), widely considered the country's preeminent decorator. And before you go crying publicist-fueled supplied photography, halt—these photos were snapped by Cline, too, and specifically for this issue. (Lonny editor in chief Michelle Adams confirms, telling Curbed National that the experience of spending time in Hadley's residence was absolutely surreal.) And finally, there's a quote from Gisele about which book she'd like to receive as a gift this year (top right). A shelter magazine proving that a supermodel reads—now that's what we call the power of the presses.
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