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Nicole Richie to Marry at Daddy Lionel Richie's Palatial Estate

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Photos: Mary E. Nichols

OMFG! Nicole Richie, long past her US Weekly cover days and all grown up, is getting married this weekend, reportedly at crooner papa Lionel's estate in Beverly Hills, Calif. 'Twas featured in Architectural Digest in 2007 in a story that began with the following quote: “When I wrote ‘All Night Long’ as well as ‘Three Times a Lady,’ it was dangerous, because at the time black guys were singing neither calypso songs nor waltzes. But since you only get one shot at life, let’s make it a challenge. That’s how I feel about this house." Smooth, dude. In any event, do have a look at the photos above. Excessive, indeed, but not too shabby as far as wedding venues go.

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