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Congrats, Grad! Now You Can Live in an Egg-Shaped Pod

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People will do crazy things for an opportunity to rent cheaply in expensive cities. In Brooklyn, a few years back, someone put her treehouse on Craigslist as a gag—and received more than 30 emails from parties interested in roughing it for a mere $150 a month. Now there's 24-year-old architect Dai Haifei in Beijing, who built an egg-shaped sleep pod for youngsters trying to pave their way in a city where "rental price for a fresh graduate is a huge burden." Co. Design has all the details of the structure, which cost $964 to construct and was shown at the 2010 Shanghai Bienniale Exhibition. Measuring about 6.5 feet high, the teeny dwelling, made of a bamboo frame and wood-chip insulation, can accommodate only a bed, a water tank, and a bedside table—Haifei "crashes in the egg after working until midnight at his architecture office." Kids these days!

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