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Behold the World's Most Expensive Piece of English Furniture

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Why buy a house when you can buy a commode to put in your house? At a recent auction at Sotheby's in London, a 1770 commode crafted by legendary British furniture designer Thomas Chippendale sold for $5,980,438, making it the most expensive piece of English furniture in the world. According to Luxist, the Harrington Commode, as it's called, took 15 minutes to sell in a contest among five bidders who were apparently all smartypants enough to discern the value of the piece from the auctionbabble in the Sotheby's catalog.

the serpentine shaped tulipwood-banded top with a central yellowwood and engraved medallion surrounded by anthemia and a guilloche border with floral sprays and bell-flower inlay, repeated to the front corners, the doors with simulated drawers inlaid with rosettes between interwoven bands and bell-flower divide over shaped panels with oak leaf wreaths enclosing anthemia capped urns with a central beaded mount dividing the doors and an anthemion to the apron, between finely cast gilt-lacquered brass ram's mask, entrelac and husk mounts, repeated to the back corners, the reverse of the doors veneered with black rosewood and now enclosing two conformingly veneered slides, the side panels inlaid with oval paterae within ribbon-tie bell-flower wreaths raised on squared splayed legs with acanthus and bell-flower mounts with Greek-key endings on leaf and gadrooned tapered gilt-lacquered brass feet the right frieze handle replaced, the interior adapted from an original configuration of two short drawers over three long graduated drawers to the current two slides that are formed from the original drawers, the underside of the top with mahogany panels inset into the pine carcase, most probably undertaken at the time of manufacture to counteract movement to the top which would be particularly prevalent due to the nature of the fustic veneer. The lack of warping to the top is perhaps testament to the effectiveness of this measure

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