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The Decorating of Apartment Lobbies: Can't We All Just Get Along?

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The subject of how to decorate building lobbies takes front and center stage in a real estate story in the New York Times this weekend that discusses the complexities that arise in trying please everyone in any given building. It's a contentious issue, of course. In one particularly divided condo where "some people didn’t want a Christmas tree, others then said there shouldn’t be a menorah, and to be fully inclusive, there was talk of Kwanzaa, even though no one in the building seemed to celebrate it," the board president took the $250 that would ordinarily pay for holiday decorations and instead bought a water buffalo for a needy village in the Philippines. Well, these homeowners did not like the charitable angle, no sirree—and especially not during the holiday season! "Complaints flowed in, and one resident said the treeless lobby had ruined his son’s Christmas." Perhaps said resident should consider moving to Grand Sutton, a building whose lobby (above) displays "a 10-foot tree and a 6-foot-high menorah, swags of pine garland wrapped with crimson ribbon and pine cones hang from the woodwork, along with six-foot-long icicles."

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