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Prissy, Perturbed Neighbors Say Heck, No to "Baron of Ballsbridge"

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Quelle scandal! Today Greenwich Time publishes a completely manic story about the rather public Irish real estate developer Sean Dunne, AKA the Baron of Ballsbridge, and the controversy he has caused along the swank shores of Belle Haven, a tony enclave in Greenwich, Conn. The three-page account is filled with a dizzying variety of he saids, she saids, and whodunnits, so here's a Twitter-friendly rundown: SD buys house, starts tearing it down. Neighbors cry. SD denies owning house; denies ever meeting neighbors. Demolition at a standstill. Now, remember, this is Greenwich, so when the townspeople rise up, they do so with their own particular language and their own particular set of complaints. One even summoned the wisdom of his "tree expert."

· "He's just so out of character with Belle Haven," said Elaine Buss, who lives across the street from the house.
· "I said, `Send someone over because the house is coming down in front of my eyes,'" said Buss, who has lived on Bush Avenue for 15 years.
· "If he has troubles in Ireland, that's none of my business," Case said.
· "It's certainly an eyesore right now. Every time it rains, it puts mud in my driveway and my tree expert says it's suffocating the root system of a couple of trees I have in my backyard."
· "Frankly, one of the things that is most upsetting is it's not clear to me that there's a resolution," Case said.
· "He had people working on Saturdays," Buss said. "Everyone in Belle Haven objected because the land association does not permit work on Saturdays. But his response was that the Belle Haven rules have no legal standing."
· "He got one of the neighbors to invite him to the Belle Haven Club for a commissioning, clearly presenting himself as a potential resident who would become a member of the Belle Haven Club," said Buss, a club member.

· Irish real estate tycoon alienates Belle Haven neighbors [Greenwich Time]