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Seven Stupendous Selections From 1stDibs's "Ultimate Gifts" List

Just in time for last-minute shopping, the online luxury antiques, midcentury modern, vintage, and estate purveyor 1stDibs has assembled some of finest wares on the site in a new section labeled "Ultimate Gifts." As with most things termed "ultimate," none of these offerings come cheap; in fact, the least expensive item in the group is a $16K chair designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Now, now, just because they're out of reach for most people, doesn't mean they shouldn't be ogled. We've selected seven of the most beautiful, most expensive, or downright wackiest—and may have uncovered a shameless pricing scheme in the process.

? Paul Revere silver teapot | c. 1782 | $798,000
One of four known Revere teapots of this style, this one's probably not going to see much of the next buyer's Earl Grey.

? Ox Chair by Arne Jacobsen | c. 1966 | $72,000
One of the midcentury Danish master's seminal works, it's still worth a pretty penny despite that worn out arm.

? Issac Ware chimneypiece | c. 1755 | $600,000
Just perfect for a billionaire's Christmas stockings.

? Richard Meier for Knoll dining room suite | c. 1982 | $55,000
Starchitect Richard Meier turned these out two years before winning the Pritzker Prize; let's just say his work isn't getting cheaper anytime soon.

? Palladian punch set by Old Newbury Crafters/Shreve Crump & Low | c. 1969 | $58,000
No, that's not a typo. This punch bowl was produced in 1969. Guess there was something other than midcentury afoot then. Perfect for eggnog, right?

? Eames chair and ottoman sculpture by Cheryl Ekstrom | 2007 | $95,000
Don't go jumping onto this particular Eames lounge chair just yet—it's not as soft as it looks. Artist Cheryl Ekstrom crafted this Eames replica entirely out of stainless steel. Everything, even the cushions, was carefully molded and treated to look like a chrome rendition of the original.

? Carved and painted Roman side table | c. 1700s | $320,000
This is one rare piece, with a price tag to match, but that price might be negotiable. Either there was a typo or dealer Christopher Hodsoll hiked the price once it made the Ultimate Gifts list; the intro slideshow has the table priced at $295K, while the item's listing now reads $320K (below). Arbitrary pricing, anyone?

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