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Architect-Designed Modern Tries to Woo Buyer With Turbine Stairs

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Remember that totally crazy, sleek, and tricked-out office space we featured back in October—you know, the 11,000-square-foot HQ of project-management software firm 37signals? Well, one of the project's principal architects is having a tough time selling his own residence in Chicago, reports our sister site Curbed Chicago today. Brad Lynch, of Brininstool, Kerwin & Lynch LLC, listed his modern home in June for $2.6M, claiming it was such a show-stopper that cars would "screech to a halt and back up, or drive around the block" just to get a glimpse of it. It still hasn't sold, despite the glorified brokerbabble on the agent's website: the stairs "allow for continuous air movement" and act as "a natural turbine for moving cool air from the lower level and displacing warm air on the upper levels." Now, if you're thinking that this jargon sounds fresh off the presses of Dwell, Lynch was actually featured in the magazine in Oct. 2006. His place is comely, indeed, but what's wrong with stairs just being stairs?

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