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The Charmed Life: Top 10 Bougiest Quotes of the Week

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This morning, we're letting the folks interviewed by Times Home & Garden reporters speak for themselves. Herein: the section's most white-collar—bourgeois, monied, luxe, privileged—direct quotes, in no particular order:

· “This just goes to the notion that an interior designer is a full-service provider,” Mr. Salvator said. “As opposed to being someone who just shops. You are creating a lifestyle.
· “We trimmed the tree, put the logs in the fire and candles everywhere, throughout which time Michael was eating, without meaning to, all the Christmas cookies the housekeeper had prepared, so she had to make more,” Mr. Salvator said.
· “Holiday fluffing is a complimentary service,” he added. “It makes the client look good, and it makes our decorating look good.”
· "When I think of a beautiful 17th-century teapot with a chased silver spout and jewel-encrusted lid,” he said, “the term just doesn’t sound elevated enough.”
· “The No. 1 reason why people shy away from a paint project is that they’re not confident about selecting a color,” Ms. Castonguay said. “My husband and I will debate it for a week.
· When the gas meter was disconnected, Mr. Christophers said, they held a party “to celebrate no more fossil fuel being used in the house.”
· “A big doormat makes a nice impression,” he said. “It creates a grand entrance.
· “I’d had quite enough of prewar,” and he began looking for a one-bedroom in one of the sleek high-rises sprouting along the Queens waterfront.
· “I thanked the garden for all that I had learned from it. I laid my cheek against the moss of the courtyard wall.
· “It reminds you of an artistic sculpture rather than a purely technical product; it has a very poetic aspect.”