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On Tron: Legacy Set, How Midcentury Design Doth Glow

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A fascinating piece in the L.A. Times profiles the set design of Disney's digitastic Tron: Legacy. Specifically, the article explores the furnishings in Safehouse, where Jeff Bridges's Kevin Flynn, né human but now digital, will spend the remainder of his days. Created to be a calm, soothing, secret hideaway, the space features antique and midcentury pieces that have all been treated with the Tron-esque glowstick. The dining set (above) features a traditional cut-crystal chandelier, an acrylic table, and white lacquer chairs with silver damask upholstery. Elsewhere in the room, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chairs for Knoll create a conversation grouping around some acrylic side tables; an Eames 670 lounger kicks it in the corner. All this Design Within Reachiness, and on flooring comprised of "6-by-6-foot illuminated glass panels set on a massive steel structure," no less. The virtual world: mindblowing.
· Set Pieces: the Look of 'Tron: Legacy' [L.A. at Home]