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Now That's Dedication: Putting a Christmas Tree in the Bathtub

Stories of Seasonal Decorating is a particularly relevant Curbed National feature in which we commemorate the countdown to Christmas by rounding up decor happenings in neighborhoods, small towns, and cities across our fair continent and publishing 'em at various points throughout the month. Got a local tale of your own? Send it along to the tip line.

GASTON, N.C.— A 75-year-old woman put a Christmas tree in her bathtub. Why? "“I didn’t have anywhere else to put it,” she said. [Gaston Gazette]

AURORA, COLO.— Every year for the past five years, a Jewish man has hung 45 strands of Christmas lights on his house and every year for the past five years, they lights have been cut. So this year, he installed a videotape and just caught the vandal yesterday: a neighborhood rabbit. []

FLORIDA— The Florida Turnpike Enterprise has banned toll attendants from decorating their booths in seasonal garb in response to numerous complaints from drivers. Christian organizations were also in support of the ban, claiming that the "toll booth is not the appropriate place" for holiday merriment. [Sun-Sentinel]