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To Assert Manliness, Adam Carolla Tapes Up Pics of Nude Women

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Things that have us at hello: well, there's a whole bunch, but a headline proclaiming "Adam Carolla, Interior Decorator" is most certainly one of them. In a story in the Journal today, the 1920s Los Angeles home of the comedian and former Man Show host is put under the microscope. Bacterial findings: eight-car garage with its own beer cooler and hydraulic lift; a fridge, microwave, and dishwasher painted with red auto paint and then waxed; and a basement man cave with red upholstered bar seats and playing cards depicting naked women taped to the ceiling. Interestingly, the "soft blue periwinkle-and-cream-colored décor of the home's bedroom" was also Carolla's idea. Softie!

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