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Three Pads for Three Newly Transplanted MLB Sluggers and Slingers

The professional baseball transfer wire has been hot for months with rumors of various high-power trades, and, sure enough, huge deals were settled in the past week. In some cities, this could mean a major windfall for the local luxury real estate market, and—hopefully for baseball fans—some big wins. Well we're not equipped to rule on the baseball aspect here—and we'll keep our fandom quiet—but we'll certainly do our part and pick out some pied-a-terres for the MLB's newest Northeast transfers.

? The Boston Red Sox penned a deal with free-agent outfielder Carl Crawford, formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays, for a record-breaking $142M over seven years. That's more than $20M a year, plenty of dough to scoop up one of Boston's priciest properties. The Ames-Webster Mansion, an 1872 Peabody & Stearns-designed estate in the heart of Boston's scenic Back Bay neighborhood, might be just the ticket. This 26,000-square-foot pad is located just a mile from Fenway Park, but Crawford won't have to even set foot outside to play some catch. That grand hallway should work just fine, provided he's ready to fork over his first years salary; although the listing doesn't advertise a price tag, rumors have the whisper price at $18M to $25M.

? The Sox also reached a deal with the San Diego Padres to secure the services of first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The deal included three minor league prospects for the Padres, and, for Gonzalez? A seven-year contract extension, due to be signed next year, worth $154M. What better place to celebrate—and to acquaint oneself with the topography of a newly adopted city—than a high-floor apartment at the Ritz Carlton Residences. From here, Gonzalez can see the lights come up at Fenway before he even sets off for the game. The four-bedroom, 3,200-foot unit is asking $5.4M. For this guy: a drop in the bucket.

? Down in Philadelphia, the Green Man should be dancing in the streets after news that sought-after pitcher Cliff Lee chose a $120M, five-year deal with the Phillies over a richer one with the Yankees. At least one Philly commentator chalked it up to the city's lower taxes. We're not so sure, but if Lee wasn't running from that big city feel, he should be right at home in this five-star urban getaway. Set in the Rittenhouse Hotel, this apartment enjoys hotel services like room service and housekeeping, so the pitcher can ice his arm instead of, you know, cooking dinner. And with a salary like that, he certainly won't have to worry about the $2.26M price tag. · Carl Crawford, Red Sox Reportedly Reach 7-Year Deal [Fanhouse]
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