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Exploring the Tenuous Decorator-Client Relationship, Digitally

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By now, you've probably seen Xtranormal's adorably big-headed characters in any number of situations—as an aspiring New York Times writer, as a lowly publicist's assistant, even as a overly demanding restaurant diner.

Well, now the type-to-talk madness has finally hit the design sphere. It took, like, a whole three days. A video called "The Decorator" has just surfaced, and it chronicles a less-than-two-minute first meeting between a British interior designer and a client who insists that his 3,000-square-foot apartment be dressed in one day, and for less than $1,000. In trying to come up with a decorating scheme, the only thing the two can agree on is that they don't actually read the articles in Arch Digest—they only look at the photos—and that they both hated the magazine's Rob Lowe spread. (Curbed National concurs with the latter.) There's also, uh, a mention of the designer's "malnourished assistants."

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