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Sin Number Seven: Errant Crafting

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While it's true that great design will neither save a life nor cause lions and lambs to cuddle, a shoddily decorated home elicits bi-partisan calls for immediate and definitive action. Which is why we've asked James Swan, Beverly Hills decorator and author of the "101 Things I Hate About Your House" Facebook page—and, soon, book—to produce a weekly Curbed National series entitled The Seven Deadly Sins of Decorating.

With the road to hell paved with good intentions, it's fair to say that decorating disasters represent major potholes along the way. Capping off our list of The Seven Deadly Sins of Decorating is The Sin of Errant Crafting, a transgression that encapsulates all things handmade gone wrong. Now, we extend ample respect to those crafters and DIYers who endeavor to make their own decorative accessories, but a red flag of terror flies high when crochet needles descend upon unwitting household objects. From classic tissue paper covers parading as overly wrought fashion plates to toaster and blender covers with well intended but questionable attributions, no room in the house is safe from this litany of well-intended decorating missteps. Sometimes, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. (Hear that, Martha?)

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**(This concludes The Seven Deadly Sins of Decorating column. James Swan fans, fear not: he's returning next Thursday with a series on holiday-decorating horrors.)