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Hugo Chavez's Decor Harshly Criticized by Gawker Commenters

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Today Gawker posted the photo above in response to the news that Venezuelan president Huge Chavez has invited homeless Venezuelans, displaced by flooding, to take up residence in the presidential palace. How have Gawker commenters responded to the posting? Why, by talking about the room's interior design, of course! Commenter shut_up gets the party started by proclaiming, "That room is gayer than two men having sex," to which user Milton Berle's Cock replies, "Will they be allowed to redecorate? That room looks like ass." Oy Veh echos: "He decorates like a republican (Rush Limbaugh, to be exact)."
Meanwhile, Brainy Historian offers a thoughtful observation that "it looks like a low rent Versailles. Marie Antoinette would not be amused." Stone632 suggests "they should do a MTV Cribs presidential edition" and "see whose got the most pimped out digs," sagely informing Milton Berle's Cock that while "that room does look pretty awful," "im guessing it was like that when he moved in." Natanku also takes issue with Milton Berle's Cock's harsh words, putting forth: "screw you I would kill like a Venezuelan dictator to have a house like that :p." Looks like joolyzee's got Milton Berle's back, calling the place "hella ugly," while ever-positive DenofEvil says, "OMG! That looks like my dream house from when I was 8 years old! I'm not a homeless Venezuelan, but I'll tots sleep over at your place, Hugo!"

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