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May We Remind You That Pharrell Williams Designs Furniture?

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Yesterday, at a DesignMiami symposium entitled "Talking Crafts," recording artist Pharrell Williams sat as one of the panelists alongside accessories maven Silvia Venturini Fendi and architect Ron Arad. “Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you hear it," Pharrell said. "Sometimes you’re not expecting anything and then an idea seemingly comes out of thin air. The next day you go in and say, there it is. I cannot believe it. I made something from nothing. When you are able to materialize something, it is an amazing feeling." Williams forayed into the furniture-design world in 2008, with the release of the Perspective chair (above left), produced by French firm Domeau-Pérès. His latest piece, the Tank chair (above right), has just debuted at high-end boutique Collette in Paris.
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