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Bavarian Castle With Off-the-Charts Stats Comes With Novella, Too

Located in the heart of Bavaria, this palatial jaw-dropper has it all: 25 rooms spread among five floors, marble flooring, a hunting room, on-ground paddocks, an indoor pool, and a wine room that holds 800 bottles. Trying to figure out the square footage of this place is a somewhat insane process: all the figures are in meters and the numbers seem to be off the charts (the main "castle" alone is 1,800 square meters). Perhaps the listing's most impressive quantifiable feature, though, is the 1,000-word description from the agent. Potential buyers of the $12M behemoth can get a true sensory experience if hop, skip, and jumping over to Deutschland isn't an option. How efficient!
The kitchen area features a white marble floor and black decor strips; the walls are hand-filled and painted. The kitchen fixtures are white and red; the counter is all black marble. In the middle of the kitchen there is a kitchen island, which is made of stainless steel, as is the exhaust hood. An adjacent utility room hides away machines and fixtures, such as a washing machine, a dryer, a sink and several built-in cabinets. There is also a marble floor in the dining area and built-in cabinets made of rosewood, which offer additional storage space. The area over the wall panelling is covered with fabric. · The Water Castle [Homes of the Rich]
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