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Houses of the House Arrested: Assange, Martha, Vick, More!

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Last week, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange left jail and retreated to house arrest in a 10-room Georgian manor in the English countryside, where he will simultaneously wait to be indicted with charges of espionage by the United States and fight Sweden's attempts to extradite him on charges of rape and molestation. That, folks, is stress. It's a good thing that Ellingham Hall boasts 600 acres of verdant landscaping, an in-house cook, and a wine cellar. Which got us thinking: while Martha Stewart's house in Bedford, N.Y., and Michael Vick's estate in Virginia didn't necessarily offer the same pheasant-hunting opportunities available to Assange, surely these folks and more can all speak to what a bummer it is to have to wear an certain pesky piece of jewelry.

In 2005, after spending five months in a West Virginia prison for securities fraud and obstruction of justice, media mogul Martha Stewart entered house arrest in her 153-acre estate in Bedford, N.Y. The "Winter House," where Martha spent her days, is a 1925 farmhouse (above) with a long porch, a third-floor craft room—perhaps to keep those prison memories alive!—and revamped interiors in a soothing white-and-gray palette.

Before and during the trial for his $50B investment fraud, Bernard Madoff was allowed to stay in his swank apartment on NYC's Upper East Side. The conditions? Curfew from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m., and no leaving except for court appearances. Considering the fact that the penthouse (above), which hit the market in Sept. 2009, boasted "sun-flooded rooms" and an "elegantly appointed dining room," Madoff certainly made out like a, uh, bandit.

A year ago, film director Roman Polanski was put up on house arrest in Switzerland while authorities decided what to do about a 30-year-old sex-crimes case involving a 13-year-old girl. He was confined to his luxury chalet the tony ski town of Gstaad (above), where he enjoyed sweeping views of the Alps while continuing to work on his films. C'mon, even the photo has a rainbow sweeping across the hillside!

After NFL superstar Michael Vick was released from prison after serving time for running an illegal dog-fighting ring, he was released to one of his homes in Hampton, Virginia (above). (His Atlanta property was languishing on the market at the time.) The 60-day house arrest allowed Vick to spend time with his fiancee and their two daughters in a sizable five-bedroom brick estate. WiFi on the porch, a huge lawn to practice on: what more could you ask for?

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