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Sandra Lee's Tablescape Opens Wide and Swallows Her Home

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This weekend, USA Today profiles the Westchester County home of New York State Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend, Food Network resident tablescape champion Sandra Lee. From the one photo (above), it appears that Lee does she what she does best: decorate in themes. She dons white in the "snow-white" living room of her 1950s white clapboard colonial, where there's a white Christmas tree and glitter "showered on the white reindeer grazing on the mantel." (Remind you of something?!) And despite the fact that she has found "every single piece" in the home, the seven trees she's got going on all came prepackaged. "I don't cut down trees," she says. "I don't even like the trees going down on the property in storms." Of course not—heavens no! Still, all glitter dusters aside, none of that is quite as shocking as this: "She is going to help [Cuomo's daughters] put together their inaugural outfits." The only thing scarier might be the owl and raccoon ornaments that Lee has hung from the "critter-themed" tree in the living room.

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