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Billionaire Spied Subprime Collapse From Between These Sheets

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Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Price: $9,750,000
The Skinny: The controversial billionaire-turned-local politician Jeff Greene made the bulk of his $1.4B fortune buying up credit default swaps as the subprime mortgage market collapsed. He's since upgraded to a 40,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion—creatively dubbed "Palazzo di Amore"—but around the time he went from a millionaire to a billionaire he was shacked up in this 10,466-square-foot Laurel Canyon castle. In case it isn't obvious from the leather and shag carpeting, the house served as Greene's bachelor pad, where he entertained everyone from Mike Tyson to Paris Hilton. Now, Bravo viewers might be getting a taste of the action: the listing agent, Josh Altman, is the new guy on the fourth season of Million Dollar Listing, which premieres Feb. 1. For Greene's sake, lets just hope style-conscious voters in Florida don't get a peek at that brown bedroom. That's right: this renaissance man is running for Senate.
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