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Here's Something Random: Watch Apartment Therapy Dance!

What would you do if you raised more than $12K for public schools? "Just donate it" is so 2009; in 2010 and beyond the correct way of feting such an impressive sum (and such a large show of goodwill) is by dancing. Dancing alone, dancing on the street, dancing in the elevator, and having all your employees dance, too, including those that have flown in from L.A. and North Dakota. (Welcome to New York. Now dance.) At least that's what our friends at Apartment Therapy did as a thanks to those who donated money to the cause. In the video below, AT founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan leads his team in a synchronized jig that lasts for four minutes, which happens to be longer than an average number on So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With the Stars. Hey now, practice makes perfect. And it's not like these people have a blog—or like 15 of them—to run.

Untitled from maxwell gillingham-ryan on Vimeo.

· We Did It! And Now the Apartment Therapy Team Dances [Apartment Therapy]