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Four Mountain Getaways for Extra-Loaded Landlubbers

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The holidays are a classic time for the über-wealthy to decamp to massive yachts and cruise their way into the New Year. But what about those poor rich souls whose stomachs turn at the very idea of a seafaring holiday? Well, staying put certainly isn't an option, so we've gathered some tricked-out properties in that other bastion of ritzy recreation: the mountains. Land ho!

? First up, the Bighorn Lodge, located in the ranch-land of Jackson, Wyo., offers up some stunning views of the sky-scratching Teton peaks (top) and ceiling heights to match. Bighorn is a fitting description, not because this is a cattle ranch—at 5 acres, it's better suited to horses—but because the interior is rife with multi-tiered antler chandeliers. It's uncertain just how many Bambis gave their lives for the lighting, but someone's going to have to give up $12.75M to live among their remains.

? This 9,000-square-foot, ski-in/ski-out trophy is not only located in the storied mountain town of Aspen, Colo., but enjoys a prime location on Aspen Mountain. The gondola whisks skiers uphill just behind this newly constructed mountain manse, and that means no waiting in line for first tracks. But skiing isn't the sole focus of this winter playground. There's a theater room, steam room, wine room, wet bar with space for billiards and poker tables, and an elevator to move among all three levels with ease. Impressive, but it must be the location (location, and location) that's driving the asking price up to $20M.

? Telluride, Colo., offers plenty in the way of outdoor diversions, but that hasn't kept the owner of this $20M Mountain Village villa from kitting out the interior with some quirky features. There's a swimming pool, a regulation-size bowling alley, and, gulp, a dual-lane, commercial-grade shooting range. Outside is a similarly strange amalgam: a golf fairway and bunkered green, gazebo with wet bar, seven-person hot tub, and, according to the listing, "a full-scale replica of the Labyrinth at Chartres, France." With all that excitement, who has time for skiing?

? For those looking for quieter neighbors, the Canadian resort of Tremblant is a classy—if cold—eastern alternative. While the snow might not be as plentiful, skimping on the ski house apparently wasn't an option. For $9.5M, the next buyer lands 10,000 square feet of stone and raw wood, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Those staples of mountain design, if this list is any indication, are going strong.

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